Clean a Laptop: gently but thoroughly!

Clean Laptop

Clean a Laptop is very different than regular PC apply. If you make mistakes here, then does not fall from an easily replaceable component, but the whole computer. Accordingly, caution must be time, then, for example, wants to clean the display or the keyboard on his laptop. Luckily, there are here a couple of very useful tools with which you can move the dirt from precious instrument to the body.


Clean Laptop: Problem zone keyboard

In conventional PCs include keyboards to the best parts. The simpler they are built, the more quickly you can clean them mostly. Especially the thick keys you get rid of light and can include clean up. For notebooks that is an entirely different matter. The flat keys are specially mounted and often can not be solved. And if they do, you do not get it remounted. Going with too much moisture off, then perhaps water seeps into the underlying hardware and that can mean in this case the destruction of the computer!

So you have to be extra careful and can not use any means well. For a first cleaning you can use a vacuum cleaner. To eliminate hazards, one should perhaps a nylon stocking (as they are now found as a test trump the shoe store) pull forward through the intake manifold. Dissolves actually a button, it does not disappear in the dirt bag.

To clean the keyboard of a laptop, there are two really effective ways. One is to blow away mobile contaminants that are difficult to reach, with strong blasts of compressed air. Such compressed air is sold in cans and can be found in computer shops and activities for electronics and photo requirements. Usually, they are equipped with long tubes that are fine enough to place you with targeted blasts of air.

Clean Laptop Keyboard

cleaning the computer keyboard
Cleaning the computer keyboard

Another and more tilted at first glance possibility are the slimy cleansing gel. You remember “Slime,” which took advantage of each to play in his childhood times. Today there is something else prepared, used it to clean difficult to reach places. Not quite as moist and liquid, for antibacterial, it is now sold in larger portions. It can be put on a keyboard and watch as it slowly falls between the keys. It reaches the low-lying areas and dirt from sticking to it. Finally, pull it up again. So you can clean all inaccessible places on the laptop without destroying something.

Clean Laptop: A bright display

Have laptops, even more than regular PCs, a problem. They are moved, taken anywhere and pollute even a reason. But the very specific problem is that they are often taken to customers. And which one wants to show something. It constantly someone typed with not very clean or fat fingers on the screen. The result is a blurred image. And regardless of whether the display is high-gloss or matt: fat fingers you always see. Hardly any part is to clean it frequently on his laptop, on the display. So should the same also get right.

This is important at this point to make any scratches in the precious screen. In addition, of course, the same rule applies as for the keyboard: not too much moisture. And then there is the problem that some notebook displays are antireflective coated. This coating can be damaged by vigorous rubbing or aggressive cleaning agents.

Clean a Laptop

Laptop Display Clean

If you want the screen of the laptop, as well as every other flat clean, then the following procedure is recommended. First, with a soft brush to remove the whole, sometimes barely visible dust. Even the smallest dust particles can scratch the screen when you take a rag. Then with a TFT screen cleaner spray a soft cloth and clean the screen gently and especially without pressure. For this purpose, you can also take special cleaning cloths that can buy it in practical boxes. This last and are always close at hand.


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