What is Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a device which convert power into potential energy and stored it as pressurized air in a cylinder. In simpler definition air compressor stored compressed air in cylinder which can be used later to do all pneumatic jobs. Air compressor are used in many jobs such as big workshops, major manufacturing plants, garages, nails guns, sanders, drills, impact wrenches , staplers etc.

Air Compressors
Air Compressors

Compress air is widely used in defense units such as aircraft cabin decompression unit to check any leaking in cabin. It is also been wildly used in testing all type of pneumatic devices operated in aircraft.

Classification of air compressor

Air compressor can be classified according to principle of operation and design

  1. Rotary-screw compressor

In this type of air compressor, gas compressor process involve in rotary screw positive-displacement mechanism with continuous sweeping motion. In this way there are very little pulsation or surging which occur when piston compress air. These type of air compress are used where large volumes of high-pressure air are needed or operating high-power air tools such as jackhammers

  1. Turbo compressor

Turbo compressor is axial compressor which continuously pressurizes gases. This type of air compressor produces continuous flow of compressor gas. These types of air compressor are widely used in gas turbines and jet engines.

How to choose top 5 air compressor

You can always choose best air compressor depending on their wide range of utilization. If you are not sure of all the technical aspect and want a good reviews before buying air compressor you can check it here .

Air compressor can be grouped in for power factor, light weight, maintenance free, quality of equipment used, noise pollution, overall value for money and verified users reviews.

If you are unsure about all this and want to check elaborate reviews of market leaders in air compressor, then you can definitely check

Before buying air compressor for your home you can consider these things

  1. Price : (this is the main factor which decide the buying of air compressor)
  2. Quietness: air compressor should generate very low noise pollution.
  3. Working PSI : you should check working PSI under which air is compress
  4. Weight : Air compressor should be light in weight and should be portable
  5. Oil-free motor: you should choose oil-free motor to be free from maintenance
  6. Powerful motor: you always check for the powerful motor which can quickly fill the air cylinder
  7. Air cylinder capacity : you should choose big air cylinder capacity , that will ensure no stoppage in work
  8. Warranty: you should always check for manufacturer warranty and quick replacement guarantee.
  9. Past User Review’s : You should always check for the verified user reviews before buying any air compressor
  10. Attachment: you should always look for free attachment kit which comes handy when you want to work different jobs.


With air compressor making a good working partner for all hobbits and professional alike, you should always pay attention to all those points discuss above. This will ensure you buy a good air compressor which works for you in longer time without any failure.


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